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Hallmark Greetings Latex Balloon Colour Charts

At Hallmark Greetings Ltd we use Qualatex latex balloons, which are renowned for their quality, colour range, and co-ordination; they inflate larger and float longer. The latex balloons are made from 100% natural latex with no artificial fillers. Hallmark Greetings Balloons are safe for the environment and actually biodegrade at about the same rate as an oak leaf.

Standard Colours - Rich, bright colours.

Dark Blue Balloon
Dark Blue

Green Balloon

Red Balloon

Yellow Balloon

Orange Balloon
Pink Balloon
Pale Blue Balloon
Pale Blue
White Balloon

Jewel Colours - Brilliant, transparent colours

Jewel Lime Balloon
Jewel Lime
Jewel Teal Balloon
Jewel Teal
Onyx Black Balloon
Onyx Black

Quartz Purple Balloon
Quartz Purple

Sapphire Blue Balloon
Sapphire Blue
Emerald Green Balloon
Emerald Green
Ruby Red Balloon
Ruby Red
Citrine Yellow Balloon
Citrine Yellow

Mandarin Orange Balloon
Mandarin Orange

Sparkling Burgundy Balloon
Sparkling Burgundy

Magenta Balloon

Diamond Clear Balloon
Diamond Clear


Fashion Colours - The latest fashionable colours

Wintergreen Balloon

Tropical Teal Balloon
Tropical Teal

Goldenrod Balloon

Rose Balloon
Spring Lilac Balloon
Spring Lilac
Ivory Silk Balloon
Ivory Silk
Lime Green Balloon
Lime Green
Periwinkle Balloon

Mocha Brown Balloon
Mocha Brown

Purple Violet
Chocolate Brown Balloon
Chocolate Brown

Blush Balloon

Robin's Egg Blue


Pastel Pearl Colours - Pastels with pearlized surfaces.

Pearl Lemon Chiffon Balloon
Pearl Lemon Chiffon

Pearl Ivory Balloon
Pearl Ivory
Pearl Azure Balloon
Pearl Azure
Pearl Mint Green Balloon
Pearl Mint Green
Pearl Lavender Balloon
Pearl Lavender
Pearl Peach Balloon
Pearl Peach
Pearl Pink Balloon
Pearl Pink
Pearl Light Blue Balloon
Pearl Light Blue
Pearl White Balloon
Pearl White
Sea Green Balloon
Sea Green

Radiant Pearl Colours - Rich colours with pearlized surfaces.

Pearl Burgundy Balloon
Pearl Burgundy

Pearl Forest Green Balloon
Pearl Forest Green

Pearl Midnight Blue Balloon
Pearl Midnight Blue

Pearl Teal Balloon
Pearl Teal
Pearl Magenta Balloon
Pearl Magenta

Pearl Sapphire Blue Balloon
Pearl Sapphire Blue

Pearl Emerald Green Balloon
Pearl Emerald Green
Pearl Ruby Red Balloon
Pearl Ruby Red
Pearl Citrine Yellow Balloon
Pearl Citrine Yellow
Pearl Quartz Purple Balloon
Pearl Quartz Purple
Pearl Onyx Black Balloon
Pearl Onyx Black

Pearl Lime Balloon

Mandarin Orange Balloon
Mandarin Orange


Neon Colours - Bright, neon colours.

Neon Green Balloon
Neon Green


Neon Pink Balloon
Neon Pink

Neon Orange Balloon
Neon Orange

Neon Yellow Balloon
Neon Yellow
Neon Violet Balloon
Neon Violet
Neon Magenta Balloon
Neon Magenta
Neon Blue Balloon
Neon Blue

Metallic Colours - Rich metallics.

Metallic Gold Balloon

Metallic Silver Balloon


Super-Agates Colours - One-of-a-kind, marbleized colour combinations.

Black & White Balloon
Black & White

Blue Rainbow Balloon
Blue Rainbow

Fashion Balloon


Green Rainbow Balloon
Green Rainbow

Pink Violet Rainbow Balloon
Pink Violet Rainbow

Red Orange Rainbow Balloon
Red Orange Rainbow

Red & White Balloon
Red & White

Traditional Balloon

Yellow Orange Rainbow Balloon
Yellow Orange Rainbow

Note Digital colours may vary from actual colours displayed - Numerous Customized colours and textures can be generated by mixing Balloon combinations.


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